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Birell Turbo Energydrink

The human male is the weakest of all male species… time to change that! No more whining, crying, suffering and laziness! The scientists at the secret Birell lab created the most testosterone jacked energy drink of all time that will man you up!

  • Client
    Heineken, Birell Turbo
  • Director
    Alex & Steffen
  • Agency
    King Tut’s Playground, Cairo
  • Production Company
    Lighthouse Productions, Cairo


  • Supervision
    Alexander Kiesl, Steffen Hacker
  • Camera
    Franco Paroni
  • 3D
    Harun Celebi, Jörg Häberle, Stefan Kleindienst, Sebastian Badea, Xenia Borowski, Johannes Meyer
  • Compositing
    Claus Rudolph, Korbinian Kuhn, Florian Eichin