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Media Markt Zoom

750 Media Markets all over Europe mean one thing: celebrating hard, really hard! Huge fireworks all over the place! That’s something our two astronauts did not expect during their maintanance duty outside of their space station. Those Europeans are nuts…

  • Client
    Media Markt
  • Director
    Alex & Steffen
  • Agency
    Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann, Wien
  • Production Company
    Doity, Berlin


  • Supervision
    Alex & Steffen
  • Camera
    Maher Maleh
  • Music & Sounddesign
    Schnack Music Manufacture
  • 3D
    Jörg Goldmann, Alexander Kiesl, Sebastian Badea, Stefan Kleindienst, Harun Celebi, Tobias Körner, Korbinian Kuhn, Florian Eichin, Xenia Borowski, Johannes Meyer
  • Compositing
    Claus Rudolph, Steffen Hacker, Andreas Tanner